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Our commitment to provide you with great quality tools.

Our commitment to provide you with great quality tools.


New arrivals

Safety Harness with Fall Arrest Lanyard (AGC19199)

  • WORK SAFELY - Safety Harnesses are designed and tested to comply with applicable OSHA and ANSI standards for fall protection equipment.
  • ADJUST WITH EASE - The fall protection body harness has 5 easily accessible adjustment points to ensure a comfortable fit a wide range of body types properly and safely.
  • RELIABLY DURABLE - We provide fall protection gear that is built to last and can keep you out of harm’s way.
  • COMPLIANT WITH SAFETY STANDARDS - We take working environment safety very seriously.


High Quality - SS blade, high hardness, high strength and durability. Scope of Application - Flexible packaging repair, plastic glue, PVC wiring duct, decorative wood, polyurethane etc. Comfortable to Use - The handle is made of thick steel and covered with rubber, solid, non-slip and comfortable to hold. Ideal Choice - Great for cutting chamfer, shoe molding, trunking and wood parts for carpet.

Portable Blower / Ventilator

  • The portable high speed ventilator is blessed with low power consumption, high pressure, large air volume, low noise, move easily & so on.
  • Portable ventilator cylinder body is composed of cold rolled plate surface spray, impeller for aluminum alloy material, pure copper wire motor with a motor shell structure tensile aluminum fin.
  • 8” to 16” with switch integrated injection handle.
  • 16” to 20” with bilateral handle and button switch.

Straight Vane Movable Ventilator

  • Low noise, large air volume & wind pressure stability can be regulated in a straight moving fan.
  • The fan blade is made by aluminum die casting, and the blade angle can be ordered if customers need larger air volume.
  • Products supporting tripod, convenient movement, flexible working area which can rotate 360°.
  • This product is widely used for ventilation in industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, warehouses, workshops, farms & other places.

Ventilator Drum Fan

  • High velocity industrial speed drum fan suitable for movement of huge volumes of air.
  • Robust unit with heavy-duty gauge steel casing, guard and frame.
  • Handle, wheels and fully tillable cradle allows control of airflow where it is needed.
  • Carefully balanced and fully guarded blades provide safe operation.
  • Suitable for industrial, commercial, agricultural, automotive workshop and showroom applications.
  • Maximum Airflow: 284.8m³/min(10057cfm).
  • Fitted with 16A 110V plug.


  • Lockable Arm - Double running needle valves ensure good operation. Comes complete with high pressure hose and brass fitting.
  • Glycerin filled pressure gauges - Stainless steel water tank - Lubricated pump plunger - Ergonomic Foam Grip.
  • Hydraulic testing for leaks in water pipe systems, heating and oil installations, air-conditioning and solar power systems.
  • Twin valve system in mono block design: Constant pressure levels and reduction of leak-prone connections.