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Our commitment to provide you with great quality tools.

Our commitment to provide you with great quality tools.


New arrivals

Ceramic & tile Cutting Machine 1200mm

  • Cuts walls, floor and quarry tiles up to 1200mm square.
  • Makes diagonal cuts on tiles up to 850mm.
  • Maximum tile thickness 16mm.
  • Single guide system highly resistant to impacts.
  • Magnetic lockable breaking device with auto release function.
  • Steel base with reinforced structured elements for long life usage.
  • Folding steel extension arms to support large size tiles.

Ceramic & tile Cutting Machine 1650mm

  • Cuts walls, floor and quarry tiles up to 1650mm square.
  • Makes diagonal cuts on tiles up to 1160mm.
  • Maximum tile thickness 16mm.
  • Larger handle provides heavier pressure.
  • Lockable breaker for better visibility during the cut.
  • Spring pads support breaking tiles with less strength.
  • Steel base made by laser machine supports precise cutting.
  • Equipped with handle and roller for easy transportation.


  • Powerful three phase 2 speeds induction motor, oil lubricated motor gearbox.
  • Arm, vice and swivel group in cast iron.
  • Steel sliding blade guide with bearings.
  • Vice with quick clamping device.
  • Frontal swivel release lever integrated inthe base.
  • Lubrication pump with aluminium body.
  • Large knob for an easy blade tensioning.
  • Pressure gauge indicating blade tension level (600-1000 Kg/cm3).

Table Saw 12″ 315mm Single Phase ITALY (AGC04529)

  • Workbench dimensions: 800x550 mm.
  • Base extension: 800x400 mm.
  • Workbench length before/after the blade: 260/970 (with extension).
  • Max cutting height 0°: 83 mm.
  • Max cutting height 45°: 49 mm.
  • Powerful induction motor suitable in the building site or in the workshop to cut boards or panels.
  • Saw blade D.315 mm with Widia insert, which can be tilted up to 45°.
  • Pressed steel workbench with extension for a smooth wood boards support and sliding.
  • The base is provided with handles and wheels for an easy transport.

Vertical Bandsaw VB28-195 280mm 2200watt 1 Phase (AGC14445)

  • Worktable size: 630x480 mm.
  • Worktable tilt angle: da -10° a +45°.
  • Gooseneck: 465 mm.
  • Cutting capacity height: 280 mm.
  • Cutting capacity width: 465 mm.
  • Saw blade width : from 6 to 37 mm.
  • Vacuum outlet diameter: 100 mm.
  • Reinforced pressed steel structure.
  • Cast iron tilting worktable with graduate plate from -10° to 45°.
  • Silent and powerful induction motor suitable for heavy duty.
  • Upper sliding blade guide with rack adjustment.
  • Cast iron pulleys D.470 mm.

Mitresaw Wood / Aluminum Armature

Machine description: The all-purpose mitre circular saw is fitted with a saw blade and a powerful electric motor. Built-in laser for easy cutting. Technical features:
  • 2000W V-tilled motor
  • Double laser
  • Great cutting capacity 340x105mm
  • Sliding piece support
  • In-built laser
  • Adjustable compound left and right cutting angle from -45°až +45°
  • Combined mitre and compound 45°+45° left
  • Possibility to fit vertical clamps
Standard fittings:
  • Blade with Widia for maximum material penetration
  • Vertical clamp
  • Dust bag
  • Key set